COVER REVEAL – Transformation by Char Webster

Series: The Gifted Series #3
Author: Char Webster
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal
Release Date: June 13, 2017
Power is
shifting. Control of the Gifted Society is in jeopardy. Will Kate and her
friends be ready?
Kate Sutton has learned that being
Gifted is extremely dangerous. New revelations put Kate’s life at even greater
risk. People are after Kate for her abilities and will stop at nothing to
control or destroy her.

Nick, Robert, Jason and Ryan are
trying to figure out all of the different players and what each of them is
after. Will they discover the truth before it’s too late to help Kate?

| About the Author |
Char Webster is the author of the Gifted Series, a young adult/new adult urban fantasy with a lot of mystery and suspense and some romance mixed into the story. 


Reading and getting lost in a story has always been Char Webster’s favorite things to do. She has also had a love for writing, which led her to her daytime career in public relations and marketing. After years of writing for others, Char decided to write something for herself. 




The Gifted Series fulfills a lifelong dream of creating a world where people can escape reality for a little while. Char’s world centers on a race of people with special abilities that hide in plain sight. You could be standing right next to one and never know it.




Discovery and Exploration have both been nominated for the 2016 Indie Book Awards and also the Summer Indie Book Awards for 2016. Discovery spent six weeks in the Amazon Top 100 (two weeks in the top 25) for Paranormal & Urban Fantasy.




Char Webster loves living in South Jersey because she feels like it is in the center of everything.






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